Steps to update Hierarchy to show all the root nodes


How to configure the Hierarchy view for the entity.

How to implement a facet that shows all the roots for the current node-UI Configuration



1. Configuring the Multiple Root Hierarchy facet.

HierarchyPathsView is a view in the Profile page that shows hierarchical paths from the current entity to all roots. It can show multiple roots and self-referencing roots.

2. UI configuration can be performed only by Internal team members.


 1.ID of extension point which describes current extension.

-----It must be: com.reltio.plugins.ui.view.

2. ID StringYesThe unique extension id.
3. classStringYesThe javascript     class:com.reltio.plugins.entity.HierarchyPathsView 


    "point": "com.reltio.plugins.ui.view",
    "id": "",
    "class": "com.reltio.plugins.entity.HierarchyPathsView",
    "caption": "Legal Entities",
    "graph": {
       "type": "configuration/graphTypes/CompanyHierarchy",
       "layout": 25,
       "deep": 2,
       "limit": 300

 Deep- This property value has to be increased for a multi-level Hierarchy to be viewed.


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