Redirect Export from UI to Console Export


If a customer reaches out to Support to Redirect export from UI to console export. We must make the customer aware that this is now a self-service feature and the customers deploy a feature for this from their end. customers can be directed to review the steps to replace updated files in the UI configuration here  and 
To make changes to their UI configuration file they should follow the necessary steps illustrated below. 



Share this document and the following steps with the customer; 

Redirect Export from UI to Console Export

Steps -

  1. This requires UI configuration changes

  2. Go to Search.json and Replace UI as below -
  3. {
    "point": "com.reltio.plugins.ui.view",
    "id": "",
    "class": "",
    "react-class": "com.reltio.plugins.react.ReactSearchView",
    "items-on-page": 15,
    "bulk-update": true,
    "options": {
    "showSearchByOv": true,
    "scoreEnabled": true
    "exportTypes": [
    "tableViewItemsOnPage": 25,
    "consoleExportApp": {
    "name": "Export",
    "path": "entities"

4. Go to Tenant UI and try to export an entity and It should redirect to Console ->Export instead of the direct download 

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