What role are required to provided a user the ability to initiate/review a data change request?


What level of permission is required to initiate or review a data change request? Does a new role need to be created?


Users must be given certain roles to either be able to initiate data change requests or review data change requests.

Initiate change request:
In order to initiate a DCR, a user needs ROLE_INITIATE_CHANGE_REQUEST and ROLE_WORKFLOW. A user with ROLE_UI_ALL, ROLE_ADMIN, or any other role that has WRITE permissions has the ability to directly edit profiles which will override the "Suggest" mode of a DCR.

View tasks:
The user with ROLE_WORKFLOW role and READ permission can see all tasks assigned to all users.

Accept change request:
To review a data change request (and see the workflow in the UI) a user needs ROLE_REVIEWER and ACCEPT_CHANGE_REQUEST.

ROLE External Reviewer: 
You must create a user with the role of ROLE_EXTERNAL_REVIEWER for the external review tasks.




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