How can I review collaboration comments?


How can I review collaboration comments?

We would like to be able to review/see all profiles that have a Collaboration Comment on it. Advanced search will show all profiles with a comment, but the comment can't be seen without opening the profile.


When a user adds a comment to an entity, the users are able to search the entity based on advanced search criteria to filter entities based on the 'commenter exists' filter. 

The export from the search console exports the entity data. The comment data is not considered as entity data.

For the search view, the 'commenter exists' is the only filter available, to view this we would have to open the entity ( so ideally, a user is able to view the comments once the entity is looked into), this is because the comment is field-specific. 

Reltio has Collaboration Service that provides a REST API to work with comments. Reltio UI and RDM UI use it for providing collaboration functionality to users. This API service is different than Reltio API services uses to data updates to work with entities. Within this framework, we have only 'commenters exist' in the entity APIs which lets you search for the entities with comments, not view or delete the comments.


  • Select the Advanced link to open the Advanced Search window.


  • Scroll down to the Collaboration section.
  • Choose the desired operator from the drop-down list. See Advanced Search for details about each of the operators in this drop-down list.
  • Enter a value to search for the desired commenter.
  • Select Search.
  • To search for comments from all people whose names start with Jo, you can choose Starts With from the operator drop-down list in the Collaboration section of the Advanced Search window and enter Jo in the value field.
  • To search for all records that contain comments, you can select Exists from the operator drop-down list in the Collaboration section of the Advanced Search window.

To enable the ability to search for comments, Your L3 Configuration File must be modified to add an attribute, "Commenters" to each entity type for which you wish to be able to search for collaborative comments.

Here is an example of an L3 Configuration file that has the Commenters attribute added for the Organization entity type:

"label": "Commenters",
"name": "Commenters",
"description": "Commenters",
"type": "String",
"hidden": true,
"important": false,
"system": false,
"attributeOrdering": {
"orderType": "ASC",
"orderingStrategy": "LUD"
"uri": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Commenters",
"skipInDataAccess": false

To retrieve comments list from the service using filter attributes

GET /collab/{environmentId}/{tenantId}/comments?objectId={objectId1}


GET /collab/test-env/tenant1/comments?objectId=entities%2F0298v0D%2Fattributes%2FFirstName%2FHKpEu2b




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