Can the Profile Stats facet on the Dashboard be configured to have different displays for different users?


Can I configure the 'Profile Stats' facet to show a particular data set for a particular user, instead of always showing complete tenant data?

This can be an issue if, for example, a user role is set up to only be able to view data from a particular country -- those users would be able to see merge/update/<> counts for the entire tenant.


The Profile Stats view cannot be customized to display any user-related statistics. It is designed to view all the tenant records that have been added, updated, deleted, matched, auto-merged, merged, manually merged, and unmerged in the selected date range. Please refer to the first documentation link below for more information.

This functionality is achieved in the Profile page, which can be configured to hide or show data based on user role. This applies to both attribute data and sources. Additional details and examples can be found in the second documentation link below.

 For User Login details we have "Activity Logs" facet when you can get a particular user's login details by using various filters present in its search section.



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