How to Change the Survivorship for the Address Attributes if the Reltio Cleanser Value is not Accessible


How to change the survivorship for the address attributes if the Reltio Cleanser value is not accessible. 


Issue the article addresses:

There are situations where the address attributes are not cleaned as per the business need, or the business wants to retain the input address rather than Reltio cleansed address. For such scenarios we can use the below options: 



Option 1: To use the Pin attribute functionality

How to do it in Reltio UI:

  1. Go to Profile that you want to be modified
  2. Click on the "Sources" Tab on the left tab bar (3 arrows pointing to the center)
  3. Hover over the "Attribute Values" on the right and there should be an ignore, pin, and edit icon
  4. Pin the attribute value that you want to be displayed

Option 2: Using Survivorship Rules Filters

If you have a scenario where the values need to be changed based on the given value, then change the survivorship to a different value.

eg: if City = XYZ

Then we can use filters in Survivorship Group Mapping based on the value, however, this needs to be tested to see if it works for the given scenario




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