Why is <BR> placed between addressline1 and addressline2 in delivery address?


Depending on the Address Line, Loqate will cleanse the address and in the Delivery Address attribute, it concatenates Address Line 1 and Address Line 2. In some cases, a <BR> is placed between those address lines in the concatenation..


Address Line 1 = '600 Site' Address Line 2 = 'Gd 157 Stn Main' and
Delivery Address = '600 Site<BR>Gd 157 Stn Main'


The Delivery Address that is returned from the Loqate server is as expected (please reference https://support.loqate.com/documentation/fielddescrip/addfields/)

DeliveryAddress - This field holds the full address minus the Organization, Locality, AdministrativeArea hierarchy, and PostalCode hierarchy fields, correctly formatted for mailing in the relevant country, including line breaks specified using the AddressLineSeparator option.


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