Reltio and GBQ record counts are different after tenant data clone.

Issue : 

Reltio and GBQ record counts show different or not matching after a tenant data clone/refresh. 


Cause : 

When a tenant clone/refresh happens, Reltio streaming services are disabled. hence the GBQ sync will stop. However, the GBQ will have the data sets. After the tenant clone/refresh is complete the Relto and GBQ sync will be established and the new data will be appended to GBQ with the sync job. Since the GBQ had old data set the record count will show higher in GBQ compared to the Reltio tenant. 


Solution : 

Once the tenant clone/refresh is completed, we are required to perform the recreate objects job and then the bulk sync job to align the record between the Reltio tenant and GBQ. 



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