Can I enable both NON-OV for my tenant in GBQ access? How can I tell which is OV and NON-OV?



1. Can we Enable both NON-OV and OV for the Production Tenant in our GBQ access.
2. Schema for both OV and NON-OV will be in sync if enabled for Both.
3. If both NON-OV and OV enabled, there will be a delay for one of these to be populated to GBQ.



Key points to understand on OV versus non-OV values in a GBQ table or view are:

1. the customer cannot control what gets transported to Reltio Analytics (GBQ) or not - this data transfer is done by Reltio only 
2. Yes, there is a flag available now which you can see in the enablement runbook that you can set to get all the non-OV data 
3. When you export the non-OV data, all OV data does get transported 
4. To help distinguish in Analytics which value is OV and which is not, we introduced the column "OVonly"



By default, GBQ Export takes ov=true attributes during sync with GBQ. If we want to have all ov=true and ov=false then need to specify flag gbq.ovOnly to false (default is “true”) in analytics configuration.


This can be seen using the following API call.

GET https://reltio-af-<environment><tenantID>


Depending on the setting, you may need to open a ticket for support to change the "ovOnly" setting.  Reltio will insure that that setting change is performed.  Once the update is done, Reltio will need to perform the full GBQ batch export for the OV false data to be available for streaming in GBQ.  


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