How to Extract Relations in Reltio in JSON format ?


Is there a way to Extract Relations in Reltio in JSON Format like the Reltio Entities Reader provides a way to extract entities by URI via a JAR?


Currently, Reltio does not have a direct utility to extract relations as a JSON by taking relation URIs as input, similar to Reltio Entities Reader. Instead, you can use the Data Extract utility JAR which has an output in CSV format.

The Data Extract utility is used to extract values from a tenant into a CSV or flat-file format for use in downstream processes and reporting.

Once the Data is extracted to CSV files you can use utility jar called Generic JSON Generator which will convert the CSV files to JSON files.

Warranty Disclaimer - The add-on utilities are provided to you free of charge, and on an "AS IS" basis, without any technical support or warranty of any kind from Reltio including, without limitation, a warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.


Data Extract utility

Generic JSON Generator -

Additional Utilities -


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