Why did Remove Duplicate Attributes task failed with "All host pools marked down" error?


The provider team at Cigna ran the "Remove Duplicate Attributes" task and it failed due to the following error message: "All host pools marked down. Retry burden pushed out to the client." 



  • Review LogDNA using the following tags.
<tenant> format
  • If you see the following error, this is why the attribute failed.
 dataprocess-5995457cf-lc7mr dataload ERROR Attribute conversion error. Attribute type: configuration/entityTypes/HCP/attributes/Education/attributes/StartYear. Attribute uri: entities/14cZ3BDV/attributes/Education/1VUy0uIcD/StartYear/1VUy0umS1

Check L3 configuration for the attribute.

    "label": "Start Year",
    "name": "StartYear",
    "description": "",
    "type": "Int",
    "hidden": false,
    "important": false,
    "system": false,
    "attributeOrdering": {
      "orderingStrategy": "LUD"
    "uri": "configuration/entityTypes/HCP/attributes/Education/attributes/StartYear",
    "skipInDataAccess": false
  • You should change the definition from Int to Long in the L3. You could also use Date.



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