Why a specific attribute type is getting it's values ignored?



We are seeing this happen on the 'Requires Attention' flag for the HCP entity type.  What happens is when the value is flipped, either yes or no, the opposing values become ignored.  For example, if the current value of requires attention is 'No', then all of the existing 'Yes' values will be ignored.  If I decide through the UI to flip this value from 'No' to 'Yes', then all of the existing 'Yes' values will have the ignore flag removed and the existing 'No' values will all become ignored.
We have survivorship set up for this attribute type so that only Reltio and AMS sources will survive.  We are using sources for OV as well as source order on those sources.  So when I grab the entity via API I do see the appropriate values surviving.  However, I just don't understand what is setting these values to ignored.

Can we get an explanation as to what is setting these values to ignore?  Does survivorship do this?  If so why do we not see this with other attribute types?

An example is 0Xp8hK6 in the UAT environment
Step 1:  Examine the current record and see that the current value is set to 'No'.  Also notice that there are many crosswalks contributing 'No' and 'Yes' values.  All of the 'Yes' values are set to ignore.

Step 2: Flip the current value from 'No' to 'Yes'

Step 3: Examine the sources list and notice that all 'No' values are now ignored, and the previously ignored 'Yes' values are now no longer ignored.



When an attribute is updated from UI, the current value is marked ignored to trust the crosswalk that is updated from Reltio UI
For this entity’s attribute “Attention Required”, there are only two attribute attributes.

"RequiresAttention": [
"type": "configuration/entityTypes/HCP/attributes/RequiresAttention",
"ov": true,
"value": "false",
"uri": "entities/0Xp8hK6/attributes/RequiresAttention/LLghy7f0"
"type": "configuration/entityTypes/HCP/attributes/RequiresAttention",
"ov": false,
"value": "true",
"ignored": true,
"uri": "entities/0Xp8hK6/attributes/RequiresAttention/fPAnLt7h"
  • No - "configuration/sources/AMS", "configuration/sources/IQVIA_MDM" and "configuration/sources/Reltio"
  • Yes - "configuration/sources/IMS","configuration/sources/LAAD", "configuration/sources/MEDPRO", "configuration/sources/CLNCLMND", "configuration/sources/SFDC", "configuration/sources/MEDPRO"


Other crosswalks that do not equal to Reltio crosswalk value are marked as ignored. 


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