Why is my update attribute value being added using LUD (or Recency) survivorship rather than being overridden?


We observed that the recency rule for the "access code" attribute is not working as expected only in the Test tenant. 



We always send the latest payload with the latest access code as below but all the old values are not overwritten even if we send updates from the same source system.

The tenant configuration is the same in the dev and test environment.

Below is the endpoint and payload we are using to update the access code, we always update the access code field and will not retain old access code values.

POST {{RELTIO__URL}}/entities?options=partialOverride
  "type": "configuration/entityTypes/Contact",
  "attributes": {
    "ProducerAccessCode": [
        "value": {
          "AccessCode": [
{                 "value": "CMBe-h9r0djsTbVqa47vw"               }
          "ProducerAccessCodeExpirationDate": [  
{                 "value": "2099-12-31"               }
    "SyncToSalesforce": [
{           "value": "true"         }
  "crosswalks": [
{       "type": "configuration/sources/DigitalClient",
        "sourceTable": "Contact",
      "value": "57fdf8a7- -5c4c-4c4e-9cca-ca4d35805118"       }




  • Rather than executing the API using
POST {{RELTIO__URL}}/entities?options=partialOverride

Change to 

POST {{tenantURL}}/entities?options=partialoverride,updateAttributeUpdateDates
  • When both the partialOverride and updateAttributeUpdateDates options are used in the request query:
    • If the updateDate specified in the request is earlier than the current updateDate , then the values of updateDate and singleAttributeUpdateDates attributes do not change in the response.
    • If the updateDate specified in the request is later than or the same as the current updateDate value, then the updateDate value does not change in the response but singleAttributeUpdateDates values for all attributes specified in the request body change to the updateDate value specified in the request.

updateAttributeUpdateDates Option - You can store update dates for each attribute. This information can be found in singleAttributeUpdateDates property of crosswalks. By default, Reltio Cloud does not save this information for an entity overwrite and assumes that update dates of all attributes are equal to the latest update date of the crosswalks to which attributes are related. The updateAttributeUpdateDatesoption changes this behavior. If this option is present, then singleAttributeUpdateDates property of crosswalks will be updated for changed and new attributes.

  • Make sure that you are using advanced survivorship as defined below.
"survivorshipAdvancedBehavior": [





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