Can we create DCR with partial update on nested attribute without having to perform a delete and insert?


We are creating DCR's with alwaysCreateDCR and partialOverride for changes in attribute values but this is creating DCR with deletion of existing attributes and insertion of updated values instead of only updating the changed attribute values for nested attributes.

We're only changing addressLine1 from one of the addresses.



DCR created with below.





Can we not create DCR with partial update on nested attribute? Can we have a  call scheduled to go through this to see for possible workaround or alternate options?


  • The common idea of the alwaysCreateDCR functionality is to create a DCR with changes which after applying will lead to the same result as if the request would executed without this option.  Therefore, you are sending a request that is not updating existing attribute value. If you  execute a request without the alwaysCreateDCR option, you will have an attribute value with a new URI.  This is why our platform generates two changes: remove old attribute and insert a new one.
  • The mechanism of creating data change requests is provided to fix inability of partial override for Nested attributes using DCR and to create identical objects after operations of partial override and partial override + DCR.   The enableNestedPartialOverride property would need to be set to true in the physical configuration.
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