Changes to matchFieldURIs on the L3 need data to be reloaded on the Tenant to update the existing data.


How can I update entities where I have made changes in the matchFieldURIs definition of the L3?



It is imperative to reload the entire profile, including the data of the nested attribute, whenever you make modifications to the matchFieldURIs L3 configuration of a nested attribute.

For example:
On my Sandbox configuration, I have set it so that all emails will merge if they match the type:

If I send two emails from the same "Type of Office" and the email value is different, they will still merge because they match the type:

Because the emails are from the same type, they will merge in the UI on the same row.

If you make changes to matchFieldURIs on the L3 and add an email attribute to the matchFieldURIs like:

When new data is added to a profile, it will be represented as a new row. If the type of data stays the same but the email value is different, it will no longer be merged with the existing email data. Instead, a new row will be created for the new email, with the same type (Office) but a different value.

In the previous example, there are different behaviors depending on whether you're looking at old or new data. The old behavior is based on data prior to changes made to matchFieldURIs, while newer data reflects the updated behavior.

To resolve this issue, you have two options. You can extract the profiles or, if you already have all the necessary data, you can delete the existing data and reload it. It's important to note that no task can update the existing data.

The profile will look something like this (although if you reload the data, the entity ID will change).

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