How to remove the crosswalks delete date ?


A Crosswalk is end dated and there is a need to remove the crosswalk's delete date
Is there a way to remove the delete date of the crosswalk through UI ?



1.  It is  not possible to delete a non-Reltio crosswalk from UI. You can do this from crosswalk view though, but you need to clearly specify which particular crosswalk/value you'd like to delete).
This is the reason why pushing the "trash" button does not lead to attribute removal (for entity/relation).

2.  It is possible via the API. 
      In the Json for deleteDate, you can provide in the body of existing crosswalk, an empty
 deleteDate    " "


"crosswalks": [
        "type": "configuration/sources/PT",
        "value": "PT-1807776",
"deleteDate": " "
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