What happened to my client to account hierarchy?



We observed a total of 38 profiles with client-account hierarchy issues, with 30 of those profiles not having an account in the client-account hierarchy. 




A relation crosswalk is tied with the entity crosswalk if it was created mentioning the entity crosswalk. For example, you can create a relation specifying the entity using startObject/objectURI. In that case, the entity is identified by it's URI, not by crosswalk therefore the relation crosswalk will not be tied with the entity. If you reference the entity by it's crosswalk, the crosswalk would be tied. 

This scenario is where the crosswalk for relations (which creates your hierarchy) was enddated as shown below which changed on Saturday, 19 November 2022 08:45:45.727 and Saturday, 19 November 2022 03:45:56.638. 

Example 1: 

"refRelation": {
                 "type": "configuration/relationTypes/ClientToAccount",
                 "crosswalks": [
                         "uri": "entities/m4QjwN3/crosswalks/qSF4iph.1HBbg2eE8",
                         "type": "configuration/sources/CDB",
                         "sourceTable": "CDB_ACCOUNT",
                         "value": "ClientToAccount_CDB_48262_",
                         "createDate": "2021-09-19T19:53:20.146Z",
                         "updateDate": "2016-12-08T11:13:48.000Z",
                         "deleteDate": "2016-12-08T20:42:58.000Z", <<<<======
                         "attributeURIs": [
                 "startRefPinned": false,
                 "endRefPinned": false,
                 "startRefIgnored": false,
                 "endRefIgnored": false,
                 "objectURI": "relations/qSF4iph"


crosswalks": [
        "uri": "relations/qSF4iph/crosswalks/1HBbg2eE8",
        "type": "configuration/sources/CDB",
        "sourceTable": "CDB_ACCOUNT",
        "value": "ClientToAccount_CDB_48262_",
        "reltioLoadDate": "2022-11-19T07:20:47.308Z",
        "createDate": "2021-09-19T19:53:20.146Z",
        "updateDate": "2016-12-08T11:13:48.000Z",
        "deleteDate": "2016-12-08T20:42:58.000Z",
        "attributes": [

This was probably set using the following API call.

PUT /relations/{objectId}/crosswalks/{crosswalksId}/deleteDate

 To resolve the problem you can perform the following API call to remove the delete date.


DELETE https://<environment>.reltio.com/reltio/api/<tenantId>/relations/qSF4iph/crosswalks/1HBbg2eE8


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