What is the meaning of a soft and hard deletes in Reltio?


In our production tenant, URI 2EinumL has been end-dated, and we can not figure out how to undo this condition. We can see it when we pull it down in postman, but not in the UI.


There are 2 ways to delete an entity or an attribute:

  1. Hard DeleteWe take a traditional approach to the definition of a hard-delete. If a record is “hard-deleted” from Reltio (eg. the user explicitly presses the trash can button on the entity profile view of a record or a calling application explicitly calls the delete method from the API), the entity is physically deleted from our data store.
  2. Soft Delete: We define soft-delete in more than one way.
      • First, when a source system indicates to Reltio that the record has been deleted (e.g some sources provide a “transaction file” that conveys this or in other cases a Delta-Detection process can determine that a record seen in the past is no longer present), Reltio will end-date the crosswalk from that source system within the Reltio entity that holds the crosswalk. The effect of this is that the OV calculation for the entity will no longer consider contributions from the crosswalk.
      • Secondly, Reltio has the concept of active/inactive records which we refer to as the record’s “activeness”, explained as follows: Records (and relationships) intrinsically carry a Start Date field and an End-Date field. A record is considered by Reltio to be currently active if (Start Date <= {today} <= End Date). If a record is found to be inactive then it can’t found by users by default unless they go into a separate search mode. A user can edit the start and end dates to their activeness. When a soft delete action is performed on a crosswalk, then the relationships associated with the crosswalk are also soft-deleted.

Example of the soft-deleted crosswalk with Delete Date:


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