Immediate Search Not Supported or Enabled


Changes in the UI are not reflected in search operations immediately.


Search operations do not find changes immediately because the database and the UI must first be synchronized. Synchronization should be fast if there are no messages in the internal queues, but if internal queues are full of messages, then synchronization time can be significant.

You can use the following API to check internal queues:

This is a basic concept of the platform - eventual consistency. It is also different from
from relational databases (where transactions ensure data consistency).

The Reltio platform uses asynchronous operations. This means that entities are processed simultaneously by many processors, but the order of processing is not determined.

To accomplish simultaneous updates, event system processing is based on AWS SQS queues.
When you update entities in UI, events are generated and posted to the SQS queue, then taken by internal processors and sent to the necessary components such as the search system.


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