How can I filter out only profiles that are active, with two active crosswalks where the source is CODS and for a specific country?


Today we have seen there are few profiles having multiple CODS IDs with active status and it has resulted in exposing the information to the wrong HCP. We would like to get a list of HCP Profiles where two active crosswalks were sourced as CODS.  These are HCP profile with the following country codes: AE,BG,BH,CZ,GT,HK,HN,HR,IE,IN,JO,KW,LB,LT,NI,OM,PK,QA,RO,SI,SK,SV,ZA


This is not due to Reltio, this happens due to poor/bad match rule PA4


  • Perform the following API


https://<environment><tenantId>/entities?activeness=active&filter= (equals(type,'configuration/entityTypes/HCP') and (gte(crosswalks_count,'2') and (equals(sourceSystems,'CODS') and not listEquals(sourceSystems,'VNETWORK','GCCP','CMS','CTLN','MDMD','PASSPORTREG','MDU','AODS','DATAVISION','TL360','SIP','MHUB','EMBS','PBMD','Reltio','MCRM','TRIALFORCE','H1','GCC')))) and listEquals(attributes.CountryCode,'AE','BG','BH','CZ','GT','HK','HN','HR','IE','IN','JO','KW','LB','LT','NI','OM','PK','QA','RO','SI','SK','SV','ZA')

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