How do I filter/search activity logs?


How can I filter activity logs to, for example, see who has logged into a particular tenant over a specified time period?


Below is the API for filtering on the necessary activity logs:

 GET  https://<environment name>/reltio/api/<tenant id>/activities

You can use the filters option which is a sample API for reference with specific dates applied.

GET https://<environment name>/reltio/api/<tenant id>/activities?filter=((gte(timestamp,"1566153000000") and lte(timestamp,"1566239400000")) and startsWith(label, "USER_LOGIN"))&max=5

In the above example, you have asked to filter by the following items

  • Get activity between Sunday, August 18, 2019, 2:30:00 PM to Monday, August 19, 2019, 2:30:00 PM
  • Get all activity where the label starts with "USER_LOGIN"
  • Only show a maximum of 5 records.

Note:  Users MUST have a "tenant_admin" role to get the activity details, as mentioned in the second documentation link below.



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