Deleting data from an entity using the API


How do you delete data from a particular Entity using the API? 


You can use the API to delete data in two different ways:

  • Delete in bulk using the BulkOperation task
  • Delete a single record by performing the operation UpdateAttribute, DeleteAttribute

    For example:
POST {TenantURL}/entities/_update

  "objects": {
    "list": [
  "actions": [
      "operationParameters": {
        "attributeURI": "configuration/entityTypes/HCP/attributes/FirstName",
        "sourceTypes": [
      "operation": "DeleteAttribute"

Note: All values from SourceTypes will be removed.



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  • Be Careful,  if you have any auto-generated attributes it will change the values on ALL these attributes regardless of the source type.   ie.  We have a unique key attribute that generates a unique key for every crosswalk (we use instead of reltio uri since the losing value will 'disappear' when merges are done.  When the delete operation is performed it changes every unique key to the same value of one of the crosswalks within the profile.  Have a ticket open with Reltio on this now and for a solutin to fix since this is an auto-generated field all normal options to update this field (JSON load,  or Console Data loader ) do not work. 



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