How can I find out the history of a specific task in a tenant?


The customer wants to know when a particular task was executed. His question is on how he can find out the history of a specific task in a tenant.


You can Execute the following API with the class name in question.

Example: DeleteEntitiesByTypeTask

GET https://{{api}}/{Tenant}/tasks/history?type=com.reltio.businesslogic.tasks.delete.DeleteEntitiesByTypeTask&createdBy=user1&orderBy=START_TIME&ascending=true
Table 1. Parameters
Name Required Details
max No Positive Integer value to identify the maximum number of tasks to return in a response. Default is 50.
offset No Positive Integer value to identify starting what element in the result set should be returned in a response. Can be used to organize pagination in combination with the max parameter. Default is 0.
entityTypes No String array to filter tasks by entityType.
type No

String value to filter tasks by type.

createdBy No String value to filter tasks by initiator.
status No Enum value to filter tasks by status. Available values: CANCELED, COMPLETED, FAILED, and COMPLETED_WITH_ERRORS.
orderBy No Enum value to sort tasks by the field. Available values: STATUS(ascending order: CANCELLED, COMPLETED, FAILED, COMPLETED_WITH_ERRORS), CREATED_BY, CREATED_TIME, START_TIME, TASK_TYPE (alphabetical order). Default is START_TIME.
ascending No Boolean value to set sort direction. Default is false.



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