Why did mergeByUris fail with a "less than two active salesforce crosswalk"?


 Entity 1XzZEtto has two active SFDC crosswalks. Where as merge by URI’s are returning the following error message.

The entity is not suitable for sync. There are less than two active salesforce crosswalks.

We are using the following API call.


POST https://gus-ssrv-sfdc-integration.reltio.com/synchronization/<tenantId>/<profileId>/mergeByUris


  "configuration/entityTypes/Contact": [


Response Body

       "reltioType": "configuration/entityTypes/Contact",
        "errors": [],
        "entities/1XzZEtto": {
            "state": "failed",
            "reason": "The entity is not suitable for sync. There are less than two active salesforce crosswalks"


The SFDC Connector takes into account only crosswalks that have all three attributes: type, sourceTable and value. If you look at the connector configuration.  SFDC connector works with the crosswalk containing “Source Table” (plus “Source System" and “Value") 

"processMerge": true, 
"sobject": {
"type": "Contact"

 If we look at the "active" crosswalks, you will see that, it doesn’t recognize the second crosswalk as an SFDC-related one.  

         "uri": "entities/1XzZEtto/crosswalks/dp0o0Fl",
         "type": "configuration/sources/Salesforce",
         "sourceTable": "Contact", <<<====
         "value": "0030L000022G4qUQAS",
         "reltioLoadDate": "2023-03-22T20:46:27.341Z",
         "createDate": "2023-03-22T20:44:23.677Z",
         "updateDate": "2023-03-22T20:44:23.677Z",
         "attributes": [


         "uri": "entities/1XzZEtto/crosswalks/13qv6ahFc",
         "type": "configuration/sources/Salesforce",
         "value": "0030L000022G4qUQAS",
         "reltioLoadDate": "2022-12-29T11:41:43.989Z",
         "createDate": "2019-03-29T00:23:04.000Z",
         "updateDate": "2022-06-10T16:27:29.000Z",
         "attributes": [


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