Why can't I see the state and country value in the SBC search page?



On the SBC page we are not able to see the LOV for the state and country to perform a search.





  • Please make sure picklists are enabled for the Country and State fields on the Salesforce side. The list of values for these picklists should match the list of lookup codes in the tenant for these attributes.
  • Make sure that you see the BillingCountryCode and BillingStateCode fields in the Setup -> Object Manager? 

  • In the to_salesforce section of the mapping, make the following changes for BillingStateCode and BillCountryCode.
"to_salesforce": {
         "attributeMapping": [
                 "sfdcAttrName": "Name",
                 "value": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Name"
                 "sfdcAttrName": "BillingStreet",
                 "value": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Addresses/attributes/AddressLine1"
                 "sfdcAttrName": "BillingCity",
                 "value": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Addresses/attributes/City"
                 "sfdcAttrName": "BillingStateCode",
                 "value": "=source(configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Addresses/attributes/StateProvince).lookupCode()"
                 "sfdcAttrName": "BillingCountryCode",
                 "value": "=source(configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Addresses/attributes/Country).lookupCode()"
  • Make sure that after you perform the mapping change, you need to perform a synchronization.
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