Why is the parent relationship not being updated to Salesforce?


For the following list of BPs, Salesforce (via Salesforce Reltio Connector) is not receiving the parent relationship


1. Each of the BPs is in an entity having one salesforce crosswalk. Even though a parent relationship exists in Reltio, it is not reflected in Salesforce.

2. This issue is not consistent for all the BPs. There are BPs where the parent association is making it successfully to Salesforce (via the Reltio Salesforce connector).







The case here is that to synchronize the relation, the next conditions should be met:

  1. Both start/end objects should be synchronized
  2. An event should be sent for a relation

In this case, when the relation has been created (May 17, 2022, 5:27:07.017 PM), the end object was not synced - 2eCmsXf:

May 17 17:27:10sfdc-integration-7b647d567-w96h6sfdc-integrationinfoenv:361<sxQvTceqCluGQxT+00Do0000000aRcfEAE> <m>: 
CNR_I103 Event ENTITY_CHANGED, uri: entities/2eCmsXf, skipped: Sync disabled for record entities/2eCmsXf

This is caused by the conditions of the "filter" section in the mapping

 "to_salesforce": {
AND (equals(configuration/entityTypes/BusinessOrganization/attributes/DataStewardValidationStatus, Rejected)
OR equals(configuration/entityTypes/BusinessOrganization/attributes/DataStewardValidationStatus, Approved))"

Hence relation 6D2B5w2 was not synced also:

May 17 17:27:14sfdc-integration-7b647d567-8gn6jsfdc-integrationinfoenv:361<sxQvTceqCluGQxT+00Do0000000aRcfEAE> 
<w3>: Synchronizing entity entities/2eCmsXf referenced by relation relations/6D2B5w2
May 17 17:27:14sfdc-integration-7b647d567-8gn6jsfdc-integrationwarnenv:361<sxQvTceqCluGQxT+00Do0000000aRcfEAE> 
<w3>: Entity entities/2eCmsXf referenced by relation relations/6D2B5w2 is filtered out

 When this was changed and synced (as the customer user updated the "Ready To Publish" flag to 'Yes')

May 17 19:32:43sfdc-integration-7b647d567-hbrr9sfdc-integrationinfoenv:361<sxQvTceqCluGQxT+00Do0000000aRcfEAE> 
<m>: CNR_I001 Event received ENTITY_CHANGED, uri: entities/2eCmsXf

 However, the 6D2B5w2 relation was not touched, and hence no event was generated and no sync attempt was done.
It will be synced the next time when 6D2B5w2 is updated and this is designed behavior. The connector is working only per event.  Please refer to the link https://docs.reltio.com/salesforce/sfdcaccntandcontactsync.html

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