How to solve inconsistencies with Scan response


1. _Scan API not working for some entity

2. Inconsistent  _Scan API response entity count.

3. No result for _Scan API request.

4. Any major delete activity happened in the recent past.



1. Elastic Search (ES) stores the data for a deleted activity in Cassandra.  ES will just update the inactive state and retain the object.

2. The Max Parameter in _Scan request is the number of objects scanned in ES.

3. The Max Parameter is by default the value (maxNumberOfResults * 10 from tenant config). Due to a historical and _scan specific reason, Max here means maximum results in one response.

4. If there are delete activities, then the ES object is just deactivated so this will not appear in the response. If all the object scan is inactive the response can be empty.

The task to be completed

Run the esCassandraConsistencyCheck task to perform the following actions in ES and hence address the inconsistencies in _Scan response entity counts.

  • Add the records to ES which are newly added and not synced in ES.
  • Deletes the records from ES which are missing in Cassandra.





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