Why is my GDPR task taking so long to complete? Is it hung?


We are facing a performance issue in the execution of the GDPR task again, it is running for 1 day and earlier this task took 3 days to complete.

API being executed:

POST https://<environment>.reltio.com/reltio/api/<tenantID>/entityDelete




Execute the GDPR task in the following manner?

POST {{api_uri}}/{{tenant}}/entityDelete?timeWaitThreshold=<number of days to wait in the queue before processing>

If you are not providing the timeWaitThreshold parameter in the task then it is going to take dataProtectionTaskTimeWaitThreshold from the physical configuration.  If you do not have anything defined, then the default used is 10 days. 
If the queue is not empty then it will wait for either timeWaitThreshold or dataProtectionTaskTimeWaitThreshold time.  Then, if the queue is not empty then the task is launched forcibly. 

The timeWaitThreshold parameter in the delete request allows you to configure the waiting time for the current delete request task. If the timeWaitThreshold value is the same as the dataProtectionTaskTimeWaitThreshold parameter value mentioned in the tenant configuration, then the timeWaitThreshold value is considered.

The timeWaitThreshold parameter is configurable and can be equal to and more than zero. If it is equal to zero, then the task is executed immediately. If there is no value provided (null value), then the default value, which is the dataProtectionTaskTimeWaitThreshold parameter value, is used. The task moves to the queue after waiting for the number of days mentioned.




tenantId Yes The ID of the tenant to delete entities.
purgeActivityLog No

If false, all data that is connected to deleting entities from Activity Log (except the records about entity creation and deleting) won’t be deleted.

The default value is true.

timeWaitThreshold No

The maximum number of days that the task is waiting for the queues to be empty. If during the specified time the queues haven't become empty, the task is launched forcibly.

Default value: dataProtectionTaskTimeWaitThreshold from the physical configuration

readOnly No

If readOnly=true, the task is executed immediately and shows a list of objects ready to be deleted with the GDPR task without deleting them. 

Default value: false

maxResultsToStore No

The maximum number of entities URIs can be shown in the task status. If a number of processed objects exceeds maxResultsToStore, only the specified number of objects are shown + "..." is added to the end of the list.

E.g. for maxResultsToStore=2:

"processedUri": [

Does not affect the number of processed objects.

Default value: 1000.



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