How to check Elastic Search Consistency check?


How to check Elastic search Cassandra consistency check


This task compares entities between the data keyspace and ES search indexes and resolves basic inconsistencies if found. If some entities are present in the search but not present in the main data storage, this task removes these entities from the search storages. If some entities are present in the main storage but not present in search, the task tries to reindex such entities.


  • Execute the below API to run the elastic search Cassandra consistency check 
POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/esCassandraConsistencyCheck
Content-Type --> application/json
Authorization --> Bearer {{accessToken}}
tenantId --> Mandatory
entityType --> The entity type to be checked --> Non Mandatory
maxResultsToStore --> The task stores URIs of the entities, for which inconsistency was found, in its status.
This parameter is required to prevent huge consumption of memory when a large number of entities with inconsistency are found.
Default value: 100
CompareVersions --> If set to true, then the version of the objects in the entities and matches will also be compared.
Default is false
fixInconsistency --> If set to true, the task will fix inconsistencies.
Default is true

fixVersionConflicts --> If the parameter is set to true, then the task will also rebuild matches for the entities with version conflicts.
Default is false
restoreTILs --> If set to true, then the task will add TIL column for entities (losers) for which it is missed.
Default is false.
distributed --> If set to true, the task will be run in distributed mode. Default value is false.
taskPartsCount --> The number of tasks that will be created for distributed reindexing. Each task will reindex its own part of objects, and all of them may be executed on different API nodes in parallel.
Recommended value: count of API nodes that can execute the tasks
Default value: 2
This parameter can be used only in distributed mode (distributed=true), otherwise ignored





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