Can I Clone/ Copy a large (>200k records) tenant to Dev tenant?


Is it possible to clone or copy a Production tenant with data greater than 200K records to a Dev tenant?


No. The development tenants are limited to 200,000 aggregate consolidated profiles, and it is not possible to restrict the clone/ copy/ refresh to a subset of data from source (production tenant) to the target tenant (dev tenant).

Instead, you can copy the data to a Test tenant which does not have size limitation. Alternatively, if you are interested in a subset of data of size <200k records, you can isolate it first and then have that loaded into a clean Dev tenant.

Pre-requisites to Clone a tenant are

  • Environment (for both source and destination)
  • Source Tenant ID
  • Destination Tenant ID
  • (Optional) Date, time and timezone when the cloning operation needs to be performed

You must request the clone operation from Reltio Support Team providing the pre-requisite information.

Estimated Time of Completion

The estimated time for a clone task can take up to 5-7 business days.  This depends on,

  • The volume of data.
  • The need to restore and re-index data
  • Need for CSM approvals



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