What does "Load describe for types [object types] failed" in the SFDC log?


We are seeing following error in SFDC log.  What are these errors and how can they be addressed?
  "severity": "ERROR",
  "message": "env:361<<tenantId+<profileId>> <m>:
Load describe for types [<types defined in the map>] failed"


This error can happen in several cases:

    • SFDC connector reload Salesforce metadata when initialize profile after registration or re-initialization
    • When posting a new mapping and the map contains new object type that is not in your SFDC Connector cache.
    • When posting  new mapping for the unregistered profile

Note: Load Salesforce metadata request can fail because

    • Salesforce object type doesn't exist in Salesforce. 
    • The Salesforce service user is locked
    • A temporary network failure

To resolve the above possible issues.

    • Make sure all sObject types in the mapping are correct and exist in Salesforce
    • Make sure that Salesforce user is not locked
    • Make sure that Salesforce service user has access to all types defined in the mapping
    • Retry the request again.
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