What does "CNR_E224 Reltio Call has been rejected after <millisecond count> ms timeout"?


What does the following error message mean?

CNR_E224 Reltio Call has been rejected after 600000 ms timeout, 
call options [
POST /reltio/api/<tenantId>/entities?


HTTP request to Reltio platform failed by timeout (10 mins by default).  Connector will retry all requests failed by timeout for most updates without any additional action.

However, it is possible when you encountered this error message during the Reltio callback for a new profile, you will receive an error message stating that a "duplication was detected".  In that case, a re-try will not help as the retry will be viewed as a duplication.

2023-10-25 12:27:36.584
<w6>: CNR_E211 ENTITY_CREATED for entity entities/1Nwc1fH not processed:
"message":"An account record already exists with the details provided,
please use the existing account","statusCode":"DUPLICATES_DETECTED",
2023-10-25 14:21:13.880
env:361<ALLTENANT> <w1>: CNR_E333 SQL failed: code: ER_DUP_ENTRY,
message: Duplicate entry '<tenantId>+<entityId> Duplicate entry '<tenantId>+<profile>.05iVunO.1'
for key 'InProcessEvents.PRIMARY'

You should investigate to see if one of the entities that failed in the time-out was caused by a large entity.

For example:  As you can see below the entity size is over 8M bytes.  If there is a number of "large" object, 

"is_large_object": true,
"entity_size": 12627696,
"entity_json_size": 8968759, <<=====
"event_size": 1310824,
"crosswalks_count": 83,
"max_simple_values_per_attribute": 79,
"max_nested_values_per_attribute": 1017,
"max_reference_values_per_attribute": 0,
"sub_nested_attribute_values_count": 25858, <<====
"sub_reference_attribute_values_count": 0,
"reference_crosswalks_count": 0,
"verification_result": [

These types of very large objects need to have some of the attributes values reduced (specifically your addresses) and decrease the entity size as we can not guarantee the normal functionality of the connector.

Random entities can present the same request with the large object and they will fail. 

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  • Please provide API request detail to see output of large entity you mentioned above?


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