What does "CNR_E225 Failed to get Reltio entities" mean?


What does the following error message mean?

            "timestamp": "2023-10-19T11:55:38.849Z",
            "severity": "ERROR",
            "message": "env:361<<tenantID>+<profileId>> <m>:
CNR_E225 Failed to get Reltio entities: entities/31aXXGY"




Connector request entity by uris that doesn’t exist in Reltio platform

  • It can happen when connector process ENTITY_CREATED/ENTITY_UPDATED event but the entity had been deleted.
  • It can also happen if a synchronization occur where a merge-on-the-fly event occured for objects. This means that when a new object is created, the new entity is automatically merged with an existing entity. 

This can be seen by the previous INFO message in the SFDC log

INFO 2023-10-27T15:06:12.089999914Z env:361<<tenantId>+<profile>> <m>: 
CNR_D050 Reltio request. Method: POST; Path: /reltio/api/<tenantId>/entities/_byUris;  
Data: {"uris":["entities/<entity merge>","entities/<phantom entity>"],"options":"sendHidden,ovOnly"}

You should be able to verify the phantom entity by executing 

GET https://<environment>.reltio.com/reltio/api/<tenantId>/entities/<entity merged>/_crosswalkTree


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