What does the SFDC error message "CNR-E220... not processed. Unsupported object type"" mean?


What does this error message mean?

{  "severity": "ERROR",  "message": "env:361<<tenantId>+<profile>> <w46>:
CNR_E220 Salesforce event 'created' of 'Account' [0010400001UQCm6AAH] not
processed. Unsupported object type"  },


The error that you are experiencing is caused by the fact that the trigger is generating events for all Account subtypes. You will need to change your trigger to process only specific object types.

Complete log regarding the problem

Oct 11 03:03:59 sfdc-integration-6c457d7774-w7srl sfdc-integration info env:361<> <w46>: 
CNR_I061 Processing event 'created' of 'Account' ('0010400001UOLiVAAX')

Oct 11 03:04:00 sfdc-integration-6c457d7774-w7srl sfdc-integration info env:361<> <w46>:
There are no attributes for 0010400001UOLiVAAX, type is configuration/entityTypes/Account

Oct 11 03:04:00 sfdc-integration-6c457d7774-w7srl sfdc-integration error env:361<> <w46>:
CNR_E220 Salesforce event 'created' of 'Account' [0010400001UOLiVAAX] not processed. Unsupported object type

The SFDC-managed package generates a default trigger that creates new events for the Salesforce object and all its record types.

The connector receives events from the managed package and either processes the event if there is a match with the mapping by type and record type or filters it if there is no match with the mapping.

The connector marks the events as failed with the error "Unsupported object type." At the same time, it is possible to modify the trigger to generate events for certain record types, but the managed package does not provide such functionality. The customer needs to perform this action.

They need to exclude objects with record types that are not in the mapping before passing it to the trigger handler:

rtsync.TriggerHandler.handle(Trigger.operationType, Trigger.new, Trigger.newMap, Trigger.old, Trigger.oldMap)

Another solution would be to improve the connector to mark such events as successfully processed.


  • https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_triggers.htm





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