Why is SFDC no longer synchronizing with an error message of "MUTUAL_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED:"?



SFDC has stopped synchronizing data from Reltio to Salesforce.  If we check the logging messages using the following API.

GET {SFDCConnectorURL}/logging?tenant=<tenantId>&from=<date when the synchronization stopped>&logLevel=ERROR

We see the following message.  What does this mean and why has SFDC stopped synchronizing?

  "insertId": "........Lc4FoZ1uOcS3zdx.58LFVg.s",
  "message": "env:361<<tenantId>+<profile>> <w7>:
CNR_E219 Salesforce operation connApexGet (345 ms) failed: MUTUAL_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED:
This session could not be mutually authenticated for use with the REST API\n   

  "timestamp": "2021-06-02T22:36:39.822999954Z",
  "severity": "ERROR",
  "logName": "projects/sfdc-connector-prod/logs/winston_log",
  "receiveTimestamp": "2021-06-02T22:36:39.885938916Z"



We should check the status of the SDFC connector using the following API

GET {SFDCConnectorURL}/status

If the following is shown in the status.

"module": "SalesForce",
"syncEnabled": true,
"status": "failure",
"connectivity": {
"status": "failure",
"error": "This session could not be mutually authenticated for use with the REST API"


This would indicate that the salesforce account password has expired or is no longer valid.


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